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Essential Tips for Hair Care in Summer

hair care tips by ramijabali beauty salon

Summers are like autumns for hairs. If you don’t take proper care of them, they get weak and fall off in large amount. During summers, our hairs are more exposed to sun, heat, and humidity so you need to be extra careful to prevent the heat toll on your hairs.

We all wait for summers to enjoy some basking under the sun with chilling beers at the beach. Running my beauty salon in Dubai for 10 years in dealing with all kinds of hair, I learned some useful tips that will help you beat the heat and go outdoors in the scorching sun without any worries of hair fall,

Wash Less Often

In summers, people tend to wash their hair too frequently than it is required owing to the greasy, itchy scalp. Try just rinsing in the shower after a day at the beach or pool, and see if that gets rid of some extra oil. But be careful not to do it too much since it can lead to dry scalp and your hair may lose its natural oils and moisture. Another quick fix is to dab a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel along your scalp to dissolve excess oil.

Cover Up

Another great summer hair care tip is to opt for a hat or use a scarf to cover your head when you’re out in the sun. This provides extra UV protection and helps your scalp to retain moisture and it will also save you from damaging your hair from the dust and pollution outside causing dull hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar Massage

Apple Cider Vinegar consumption and hair massage stimulates growth and prevents hair loss in summers. It stimulates better blood circulation to the hair follicles that is vital for encouraging growth, preventing hair loss and even is effective against split ends. It reduces itchy scalp and dandruff and adds shine to the hair. Apple Cider massage is the best tip for hair growth and is recommended twice in summer months.

Apply Some Sunscreen and Conditioners

If you are going for a swim, apply a thin layer of coconut oil or conditioner in your hair before swimming to protect it.  One quick way to add some protection is to run your hands lightly through your hair after applying sunscreen to your body. Try a natural deep conditioning treatment once a week to get that extra bit of moisture into your hair.  If your hair is greasy and oily, then shift to Dry-shampoos. It does a good job soaking up excess oil without causing your scalp to produce even more and let your hair dry naturally.

Stay Hydrated:

Right diet and loads of water not only works well for a healthy body and mind but also for our hair, especially in summers. Regular and plentiful water consumption improves the color and texture of hairs and also keeps the scalp clean by building new cells properly. Consume fruits and vegetables with high water content, fiber content like melons, carrots and spinach and drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated as well as shiny from root to tip.

9 Hair Care Tips Every Girl Needs To Know

Perfect, shiny and long hair adds immense beauty and charm to your personality. We do different hair styling for wedding, parties, and events just to look different, alluring and attractive. But, what if we fail to take care of our hair, the most precious asset of our body? A minor damage to hair can ruin the entire look. So, why not to avoid the possible damage by trying the valuable hair care tips. Following are a few tips to give you instant help in cuddling your hair.

  1. Regularly massage your scalp

Regular massage of your scalp improves the flow of blood to your hair. It is a natural remedy and you will often find people regularly visiting salon and spa. Let me suggest you Rami Jabali Salon and Spa; a popular salon in Dubai for their professional hair care services in Dubai. You can also consult some experts for the oils you can use on your scalp for strengthening the roots of the hair.

  1. Use a comb with wide spaces

One of the major reasons behind your increased hair fall can be the use of combs with closed spaces. It harms your hair from root to tail. So, be kind and gentle to your hair by selecting a comb that has smooth and wide teeth.

  1. Brush your hair at the right time

Brushing your hair before taking a bath is more recommended because it removes any knot and you enjoy smooth hairs after the shower. And, forget to brush or comb after having a shower. Wet hair weak and have a higher tendency to fall.

  1. Avoid heating your hair

For parties and gathering, you can freely get a hair style by straightening and curling them. But, try to avoid heating your hair repeatedly. The tip to avoid heating is that most of the equipment is hazardous for the health of your hair, or you might be immature in using them.

  1. Give your hairs a cold wash

The hot and cold water both have benefits, but one needs to utilize them carefully. Use hot water to remove the dirt and dust from the scalp, and rinse it with cold water. It closes the skin pores and gives your hair a natural shine.

  1. Trim your hair frequently

The beauty and good health of hair lay in trimming it frequently. On average, set a time lap of 4-6 weeks for trimming or removing the split ends. Women often practice these tips at home, whereas girls use to see a professional hairdresser get rid of continuous split ends.

  1. Cover your head loosely

The core benefit of covering your head is avoiding any dirt, dust and harmful rays that damage your hair, whether you stay at home or move around the city. Girls often wear a hijab that is too tight to let the fresh air reach your scalp. If you also do hijab, make sure it is loose enough to have the benefit of fresh air.

  1. Apply conditioner

The conventional shampoos wash away oil, moisture and lots of nutrients. A shampoo is applied to clean away the hair, hence it removes natural and useful content as well. Apply conditioner to add them back to your hair. Pro tip is to stop using shampoos that have alcohol or sulfate as it sweeps away the dampness from your hair.

  1. Make less use of the chemicals

The use of chemicals for bleaching, hair dying or permanent hair straightening is fine if carried by experts, who take intensive care while applying the branded products. Making a paste at home from the locally available chemicals is hazardous for the health of your hair.


Hair style is all done for styling. Girls often crave for the latest style trends or need to copy the hairstyle of their favorite celebrity. They can only do so if their hair is healthy and strong from the roots. There are numerous products that assure a healthy hair growth, whereas every girl needs to be cautious in selecting shampoos, conditions, and oils. It depends on the skin, whether it is dry or oily, and that it needs a nutritional diet to grow significantly. You can start trying the above tips and seek professionals for further assistance.